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Athletics at Atlanta Youth Academy

In the fall, students have an opportunity to participate in flag football. During the winter, students participate in boys basketball and girls basketball. Spring weather finds students playing soccer and tennis. It is AYA's desire to instill Christian values through participation in team oriented athletics programs. Sports build character, self-esteem, respect for oneself and others, pride in accomplishment, leadership skills, and a sense of teamwork, all of which are core values for Atlanta Youth Academy.

Atlanta Youth Academy's Athletics Program is structured to develop the team skills of a student-athlete, therefore enhancing his/her experience. Providing the students with an enjoyable and positive experience and teaching the necessary skills are the most important aspects of the program. Rules interpretation, team strategy and tactics are taught on a consistent basis both on the practice field and in physical education classes.
Goals include:
  • developing a good work ethic, school/team spirit and positive self-esteem
  • developing an appreciation and pride in the AYA community
  • developing discipline and commitment
  • focusing on cooperation, dedication and good sportsmanship
  • maintaining a fitness level appropriate for competition
  • functioning efficiently with regard to technique, rules and strategy

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