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Partnership program

Scholarship partners are the lifeblood of Atlanta Youth Academy (AYA). Partners are individuals or families who financially support AYA and the education of its students. Each partner is matched with a particular student and is encouraged to support a student’s education for the duration of his or her years at AYA. We will contact you each year to ask you if you will continue to sponsor your student. When your student graduates or elects not to return to AYA, we will notify you. At that time we will thank you again for being a partner and invite you to again consider a new student. However, we recognize these events as an obvious opportunity for you to reassess your giving plan to AYA.

Sample Partnership Levels
$4,000 - $11,999 – Your donation between $4,000 and $11,999 will be combined with funds from the general annual fund to fully support a student’s tuition for the entire school year. You will be sponsoring a student. $12,000 – Your donation of $12,000 provides a full scholarship for a student’s tuition for the entire school year. Additional donations go into the general fund for scholarships and other school annual budget needs. In addition to the gratification of knowing you are providing for a deserving child’s education, you will receive the AYA newsletter and invitations to Partnership Morning, where partners can spend individualized time with his or her student. In addition, you are welcome to volunteer time in person at Atlanta Youth Academy. As a partner, we request that you attend at least one partnership morning.